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  • Alain Trottier

Ten Types of Innovation

Doblin [a Deloitte business] designed the Ten Types of Innovation framework to make innovation more learnable and successful. Below are the 10 in Doblin's words. They have a helpful website [] and book.


Fresh way for you to make money.


How you connect with others to create value. Network innovations provide a way for firms to take advantage of other companies’ processes, technologies, offerings, channels, and brands.


How you organize and align your talent and assets. Structure innovations are focused on organizing company assets—hard, human, or intangible—in unique ways that create value.


How you use signature or superior methods to do your work.


How you develop distinguishing features and functionality. Product Performance innovations address the value, features, and quality of a company’s offering. This type of innovation involves both entirely new products as well as updates and line extensions that add substantial value.


How you create complementary products and services. Product System innovations are rooted in how individual products and services connect or bundle together to create a robust and scalable system. This is fostered through interoperability, modularity, integration, and other ways of creating valuable connections between otherwise distinct and disparate offerings.


How you support and amplify the value of your offerings. Service innovations ensure and enhance the utility, performance, and apparent value of an offering. They make a product easier to try, use, and enjoy; they reveal features and functionality customers might otherwise overlook; and they fix problems and smooth rough patches in the customer journey.


How you deliver your offerings to customers and users. Channel innovations encompass all the ways that you connect your company’s offerings with your customers and users, find multiple but complementary ways to bring their products and services to customers.


How you represent your offerings and business. Brand innovations help to ensure that customers and users recognize, remember, and prefer your offerings to those of competitors or substitutes, implemented across many touchpoints between your company and your customers, including communications, advertising, service interactions, channel environments, and employee and business partner conduct.


How you foster compelling interactions. Customer Engagement innovations are all about understanding the deep-seated aspirations of customers and users, and using those insights to develop meaningful connections between them and your company.

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