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  • Alain Trottier

Cloud = Cutting Costs & Maximizing Results

Updated: Jan 3, 2020

The biggest IT mover in 2020 will be cloud migration. It is an IT tsunami. An impressive amount of compute workload is being moved from company premises to the top cloud providers:

  1. Amazon Web Services [$33 billion 2019 annual revenue]

  2. Microsoft Azure [$11 billion 2019 annual revenue]

  3. Google Cloud [$8 billion 2019 annual revenue].

Microsoft says cloud adoption has increased significantly recently because it provides considerable value over traditional datacentres – achieving greater scalability, cost efficiency and improved performance. They claim the main reasons this is happening are:

  1. Operational efficiencies and reduction of operating expenses.

  2. Decreased time to market/release.

  3. Support for scalability requirements that are more cost effective.

  4. Renewal of datacenter or hardware leasing.

  5. Application development and modernization.

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